Decorative Stained Glass Windows And Doors

Gallery of Glass Solutions

You will not find a better quality stained glass window or door anywhere.

Since all of our work is custom, you choose your own colors, if any, and textures. Your project is only limited to the size and budget you are willing to spend. You are free to choose a pattern from examples shown on our site, or we can design a custom solution. You are welcome to provide ideas of what you like, and we custom design a piece just for you. While viewing our gallery, keep in mind that many of these designs can be converted to squares and octagons; rectangles can be converted to arches.

Keep Your Privacy While Allowing Light; from Traditional to Contemporary.

Doors Glass


As the entrance to your castle, your front door is the first impression people get when they walk into your home. Let our designers
create a grand, new entryway to beautify your home. 
You will be able to enjoy light and privacy, while adding distinctive design to your foyer with custom leaded glass or custom stained glass.
View our Gallery of Custom Designed Leaded Glass Doors and Stained Glass Doors.

Windows Glass

Windows have many different sizes, shapes & function. Our
custom leaded glass and stained glass window designs will not interfere with the function of the window.
We provide different levels of obscurity for the setting of each window or in the same window! Match any decor and still allow the light to fill your room.
View our Gallery of Custom Designed Leaded Glass Windows and Stained Glass Windows

Screens & Cabinets

In addition to custom stained glass and custom leaded glass Screens, Room Dividers, and Cabinets, Fireplace screens are also a wonderful accent to your home in the warmer months. By stringing a set of clear holiday Christmas tree lights behind the screen, the beautiful designs can be appreciated throughout the year!
View our Gallery of Custom Leaded Glass and Stained Glass Screens and Cabinets.

Pattern Glass

Patterned Glass is a great option especially for palladium windows and garages because it is so cost effective, beautiful, and comes in a range of obscurities that allows light to enter the home. There are more than 40 different patterns and textures from which to choose. View our Gallery of Patterned Glass installed with Doors, Windows, Screens and Cabinets.