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We make it easy to order our exquisite award winning designs of leaded, beveled or stained glass windows for your home or business. Browse through our portfolio, then use our free online quote form below, or give us a call, and our designers will work with you to bring you the best quality and value. Once we have your rough dimensions, we will provide you a free estimate and options, and answer any questions you may have.

How to Measure

It is best to use a carpenters tape rather than a ruler. Measure only the exposed glass portion of the window or door…no trim or molding. The more accurate the measurement the better the estimate we can provide. If you can measure to within ¼” of an inch would be great.

We will not use these measurements to make the glass.
(We will actually come to your home and get final measurements to insure the proper fit.) The measurements you take will be used only to develop an estimate and options for your consideration.

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We ship within the U.S and install within a 150 mile radius of Richmond VA

We ship anywhere in the Continental US. We work with people all over the US designing custom leaded and stained glass windows for their home or office. We install within 150 miles of our studio. We provide a video, installation kit and prep windows for install for your contractor or yourself  to install. Please fill out and send our “Get a Free Quote” form or simply call us at 804-798-8806 for more information.

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