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How are the windows installed?

We have a proprietary method for installing our windows. Which when completed, will be difficult to discern where the old glass is and where the new glass begins! We begin by attaching our glass to your glass and then caulking around the perimeter of the new glass to match the trim of the window or door.
The beauty of custom decorative glass is our designer can manage your design according to budget based on the square footage of the panel and the complexity of design.
Since most eery item we sell is made to fit your glass, orders are not just placed. We work to solve your problem whether it is light, privacy, a decorative/design detail or a combination. We begin by having your provide us measurements of only the glass portion of your window and/or door. We give everyone an estimate before we arrange a home consultation. Please submit our Free Quote Form.
Assuming we have all the glass (including bevels) in stock, most fabrication can be done in less than 3-4 weeks. The most time consuming part is getting the final design “right”. It is a creative process with glass, color, design and privacy issues that are blended by the designer and homeowner.
Our catalog is the web site. We have hundreds of photos cataloged so once you find something of interest, it will be easy to find other similar items. And, of course, since everything is custom, should you have an idea or photo of something you would like replicated in glass… we can do that too!
We do accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express but prefer a check.
We will ship all over the country. The size of the final piece, will determine the method of shipment. We ship by common carrier on a pallet, or Fed Ex in a double-walled box.
First, there is the Glass Gallery and second is Our Studio in Richmond. Third we have Stategic Partners (insert hyperlink to bottom of homepage) that have samples of work in their place of business where our work can be seen.
The texture of the glass varies in obscurity levels from which you choose to the desired privacy level. Our designer specializes in privacy glass to match with the correct glass to your projects.
Measure only the glass portion (no trim or molding) and provide us the full measure (don’t take anything away). Measure from top to bottom and left to right. If it is a half-round, measure the base and the highest spot.
It is not unusual for some clients to save thousands of dollars, especially in the entry. If you have a sound door with good windows (sidelights and transom), there is no need to have any or all of the components removed and replaced. We simply add our glass to yours. In doing so, we will address any privacy concerns and provide you with a beautiful decorative design to complement the foyer and be a lasting memory.
Yes. We certainly can sandwich the leaded glass window between two sheets of clear tempered glass which is referred to as an insulated window unit or IG Unit.
Yes. Technically, you can and we have assisted a number of clients who wanted to take the glass with them. Just remember, there are no standard window sizes and what will fit nicely in your old home may have to be modified to fit in the new home.
The finished product is made of glass, so yes it can be broken. Unlike ordinary glass (annealed), leaded glass is made of many pieces held together with lead. If broken, only the glass around the impact will crack and very few pieces will fall (depending on the force of the impact). Likewise, the same impact on ordinary glass will product a greater area of damage, more loose glass and dangerous glass shards.
These are mullions and you or someone paid extra to have this feature added to your window. They do present design challenges for the artist having to work with or around these mullions. You will find many designs we have done from Contemporary to Traditional where we incorporated the grid lines as part of the design. When finished, the glass is usually so stunning that the bars are no longer the center of attention. Please look at some of our work with bars (mullions) before going to the expense of having the glass replaced.
Want to know more? Click here for a glossary of our decorative glass terminology!
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