The Wonders of Stained Glass Windows

April 12, 2018 DGSOffice Comments Off

The Joys of Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are incredibly beautiful. They’ve been enchanting and captivating people all around the world for a long while now, too. If you have a passion for decorative glass, they may be right up your alley. People who are thinking about investing in brand new windows should learn more about all of the potential advantages they offer, too.

Stained Glass Windows Bring Versatility to the Table

Stained glass windows are no one trick ponies. That’s because they offer a lot of versatility, to put it mildly. They offer more than just aesthetic appeal that can transform your interior and exterior design schemes. They’re highly functional and can come in handy for windows of all types. A couple examples are both casement and awning windows.

Stained Glass Windows Can Give Your Property a Bit of Flair and Character

If you want to steer clear of a design scheme that’s overly “safe” and simplistic, then you can get a lot out of stained glass window installation. Stained glass windows are ideal for people who wish to inject living spaces with some much-needed flair, character and pizzazz. Stained glass windows can make excellent room focal points, too. People often center the rest of their room designs around them, interestingly enough.

Stained Glass Windows Can Be Excellent for Customization

Do you like showing off your creative side? Do you have artistic tendencies? If so, you may adore stained glass windows. There are so many exciting customization options available to people who go for stained glass windows. There are seemingly countless centerpiece colors available. People who are fans of simplicity can opt for transparent bevels, too. Transparent bevels can contribute to streamlined, angular and cool looks.

Stained Glass Windows Offer Privacy Advantages

These windows tend to be concealed by textures, bevels and decorations in general. If you don’t want others to be able to easily see into your living space, stained glass windows can help. They offer amazing privacy perks. If you’re interested in stained glass windows in Richmond VA, get in contact with the team here at Decorative Glass Solutions as soon as possible. We know stained glass in Richmond VA like the backs of our hands.

Stained Glass in Richmond VA: Does it Need Repair Work?

Stained glass is like most things in that it’s occasionally vulnerable to the need for repair work. If you notice any kind of problem with your stained glass window, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Look at your stained glass window lead. Has it taken on an overly tough texture? Is it stretching in any way? If you notice either of these things, your window needs prompt attention. Windows that are bowing also call for assistance. Bowing is particularly common in stained glass windows that are on the bigger side. Window looseness can indicate an issue, too. The same goes for openings close to the frame. Windows tend to move with the passing of time. This can bring on the emergence of openings. Focus carefully on the glass panels of your windows. Do you notice chipping or cracking of any sort? Chipping and cracking are both part of the glass aging process. Frequent use and resulting wear and tear can bring on conspicuous chipping as well. It can also help, last but not least, to pay attention to glass colors. Do they seem a bit faded and lifeless? Do they lack the vitality, radiance and certain “je ne sais quoi” they had in the past? Air consists of particles that can make stained glass colors pop a lot less.

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