The Woman in Black

August 12, 2015 ZGInteractive Comments Off

A couple renovating in North Carolina discovers us, and they’re in search of an art deco design.  They have an interior door that leads to their study composed of clear glass.  Their wish was to keep the same amount of light, but spice it up with some art glass to replace the panel.  Artés art deco art caught their attention, of which Diane had sent several images.  Their decision?  A woman in black silhouette.  Diane did a rendering in order to create the design in stained glass, and the owners couldn’t be more pleased.


On a side note, for the ring on her finger, we used a faceted jewel, and for the necklace and bracelet, we used sparkling glass to portray diamonds.  Interestingly enough, we found black and clear glass for the construction of her hair.

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