The Benefits of Skylights.

September 10, 2015 ZGInteractive Comments Off

Skylights work wonders when it comes to cutting your electric costs. Rather than flicking on the unnatural yellow glow of the lamp beside you, a skylight can act as your light source when you’re relaxing with your favorite book.

An electric venting skylight will function as a “passive air conditioner.” Warm air is lifted up through the venting skylight, resulting in a cooling effect and fresh air residing in the home.

As homes are being built closer to one another, the balance between privacy and natural light has become an issue. 65% of homeowners desire light from above in their bathrooms where privacy is of major importance.

They provide natural light rather than producing earth-damaging emissions. This “going green” move can play a big role in the value of your home, as green homes require less maintenance and are more comfortable and attractive. Solar energy (sunlight!) also provides us with vitamin D, free of charge, which strengthens our immune systems. It can even fight off cancer cells.

Here is one our most recent skylight installations. The owner was very pleased with the design and quality of the work.

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