Stevenson Transom & Sidelights

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Stevenson Transom & Sidelights
Moseley, VA

Full length sidelights with grids between the glass, making 5 sections. The featured design is a complex star clear bevel cluster in the center composed of 7 parts. Matching clear bevel stars and tulips are in mirror images above and below the featured element. A single border with clear bevel accents in each corner complete the design. Small hammered and double glue chip glass were used in the background and borders.

The transom is a larger version of the sidelights. Complex clear bevel star design made up of 13 parts, flanked by clear bevel stars and tulips on each side. A single border with bevel accents in each corner.

It is really a joy to serve a client who has waited a long time to add decorative glass to their entryway. They usually have looked around enough to know what they want and are truly fulfilled when the glass is finally installed. Thus was the case with the Stevenson sidelight and Transom. She knew she wanted privacy, light and something traditional to go with her foyer.

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