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Katzenberger Transom & Sidelights
Ashburn, VA

This rectangular transom was transformed into a softer curved design something similar to a star burst. However, this designed served as a “cap” to the door while tying the design of the sidelights together. Composed of legacy, hammered and sparkle glass this complex design served as the Crown for the entry.

Full length sidelights, featuring a tutor styled diamond cross hatching in the center of the five panels, made with legacy privacy glass. The remaining four panels are composed of ovals made of legacy, hammered and clear bevel glass in mirror images of each other on the top and bottom. Complete privacy sparkle background glass use else where. Triple bevels rectangles were used as accents on the top and bottom.

These homeowners wanted complete privacy and a decorative statement for the foyer. Looking through a door catalog, the homeowners found a design idea for the entry. Much of the design included beveled glass and did not offer the privacy they sought. We used a combination of three privacy glass choices to accent the various elements of the design, provide privacy and texture.

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