Diamonds Berger

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Diamonds Berger
Gloucester, VA

This Entry features lots of clear bevel diamonds in the door, sidelights and transom.

The door features double rows of 3 clear bevel diamonds in the center, with two more single rows of 3 bevels diamonds at the top and bottom. A double border of granite and glue chip glass are also featured with inverted corner accents made with glue chip patterned glass.

The two sidelights reflect the design of the door but with less intensity because of the skinnier size.

The Transom (bread slice shape) was added after the pre-fabricated door and sidelights were installed. While thought was given to duplicating the pattern in the transom, a new design was introduced which saluted the main elements of the door and sidelights, while making the transom distinct yet part of the whole entry. Because the transom had a grid system, two large complex bevel diamonds were centered in the transom. Complementary clear bevel diamonds, the same size as those in the door, flank the centered diamonds. Inverted corner accents were also used as well as the same double border and background glass.

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