Ciccarelli Everglade Combo and Bread Slice Transom

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Ciccarelli Everglade Combo and Bread Slice Transom
Colonial Heights, VA

The Ciccarelli home is 15′+ above street level. The entry is not at eye level from the street, but still needed privacy from anyone who approached the door to the open floor plan within. Encouaged by her neighbor (see Prader) to add some privacy and pizazz to her entry, the Ciccarelli’s wanted something tasteful, economical, private but distinctive.

Starting with the bread slice shaped transom with grids above a solid door, we used a combination of Everglade Pattern glass and a set of clear bevels in the center of the transom, the eye moved to focus on the bevel clusters! Privacy was provided by the patterned glass. The contrast between the everglade glass and the formality of the clean lines of the clear bevels makes a striking appearance. Since only the center portion was “leaded/stained glass” the total cost for the design was moderated. Smaller sister bevels were used in the half sidelights to complete the look.

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