Beach House Windows

September 1, 2015 ZGInteractive Comments Off
We are commissioned to do a set of three windows for a beach house in the popular and sunny Corolla Light, North Carolina.  These windows consist of a sidelight by the front door, a master bath window, and a guest bedroom window.  These windows can be seen as you approach the front door, but in the home, cannot be seen at all.  The owner wanted these as a series.

For the master bathroom, the scheme consists of high dunes, an angel fish, and clouds settled against a bright, blue sky.

The sidelight is composed of dunes, a sea horse, sea grass, and multiple seashells.

The guest bedroom depicts a swimming turtle, sea oats, sea gulls, clouds, and more dunes.

The colors, critters, and backgrounds worked harmoniously and not one window overshadowed or competed with another. The owners were very pleased.
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